International Health Insurance

Nowadays we know that staying healthy is very important, but it is expensive. That is why health insurances provides financial protection in case you have a serious accident or illness. Also they cover recommended preventive services as a key step to good health and well-being.

Our provider Cigna Global, offers international health plans for expatriates, foreign nationals, global citizens, students, etc.

All plans include the following as standard:

  • Medical essentials: Hospital stays and treatments, including: surgeons and specialist consultations fees, hospital accommodations, nursing and medicines.
  • Flexible Plans: The flexibility to choose an area of coverage that suits your circumstances, and deductible and cost share options that suit your budget.
  • Tailored medical support: Access to support from Cigna doctors and nurses trough our Clinical Case Management program.
  • Whole health care: Mental and behavioral health care and treatment, and full cancer care.
  • Well-being tools: Access to a suite of healthcare tools through the Cigna Well-being App, including Global Telehealth consultations.
  • Digital portal: Access to our secure online customer area to handle your documents, claims and more.

Cigna Global Health Options Plans:

Worldwide coverage:
Platinum: Paid in full annual benefit limit
Gold: $2,000,000 annual benefit limit
Silver: $1,000,000 annual benefit limit

Country of residence + country of nationality coverage:
Close Care: $500,000 annual benefit limit

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